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TalTech is worldwide recognized research organization in the field of impedance- based instrumentation and measurements solutions, applications, innovations etc. A PhD-student position is opened to develop next-gen healthcare, industrial and other electrical impedance spectroscopy based solutions. See more at www.taltech.ee/impedance or contact olev.martens@taltech.ee

Research field: Information and Communication Technology
Supervisor: Olev Märtens
Availability: This position is available.
Offered by: School of Information Technologies
Thomas Johann Seebeck Department of Electronics
Application deadline:Applications are accepted between May 03, 2021 00:00 and May 31, 2021 23:59 (Europe/Zurich)


Possible directions of the R&D: 

  1. R&D of novel EIS instrumentation (with improved metrological characteristics, smaller and faster solutions, with various connectivity options);  based on novel signals, signal processing and data acquisition approaches; sparse representation of information-rich signals, considering analog and digital approaches, novel mixed hardware, firmware and software aspects;
  2. Developing of applications, for healthcare, medical or industrial applications; modeling, simulations and machine learning aspects for specific applications;  separation of signal components, correction of various errors, solving of test- and classifications tasks etc.

As an example, a possible result, one application could be the eddy current (EC) based impedance spectroscopy, by specially developed and investigated 

  • instrumentation: array of sensor-coils and measurement electronics (precise vector measurements  in the up to 20 MHz frequency band with ppm-resolution); 
  • forward electromagnetic models of the measured objects (tissues, metal structures); 
  • real-time efficient inverse solving of these models

Responsibilities and tasks
Fruitful, efficient and innovative R&D in the field, including reporting, publishing, developing hardware/and software demonstrators.

MSc degree in electronics, ICT or similar;

The applicants should fulfill the following requirements

Required skills and knowledge include (at least some of them):

  • Efficient (real-time, multiplatform- embbeded and/or PC-based) algorithm development (using C/C++, Python with packages, OpenCV, ITK/VTK libraries, LabView etc)
  • Physical (electromagnetics) and mathematical methods and tools for modelling  (EIDORS/MATLAB, MAXFEMM, COMSOL etc)
  • Development of hardware and/or software for precise real-time efficient mixed-electronics instrumentation
  • Signal and/or image processing skills and knowledge