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A full PhD position for a student who will do research on AI-based management systems and its impacts on work environment, work organization, human well-being etc. The overall objective of the study is to fill a research gap and find solutions to managing AI-based systems in organizations.

Research field: Economics and Business Administration
Supervisors: Karin Reinhold
Marina Järvis
Availability: This position is available.
Offered by: School of Business and Governance
Department of Business Administration
Application deadline:Applications are accepted between May 03, 2021 00:00 and May 31, 2021 23:59 (Europe/Zurich)


During recent years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become prevalent in many countries as highlighted in scientific publications (Plastino & Purdy, 2018; Braganza et al., 2020; Mehtaa et al., 2019). It is known from previous research (Jarrahi, 2018; Huang & Rust, 2018; Adam, et al., 2020) that AI based systems are replacing many human tasks and, thus, increasing the efficiency of the tasks being performed. At the same time, it also brings new challenges and emerging risks to the working life. These changes require organizations to adapt to the biggest technological transformations as well as to overlook leadership competencies and skills. In addition, existing processes should be revised and the structure around managerial decision-making due to AI-based systems being implemented should be refocused in order to successfully manage the businesses where humans’ tasks have been replaced by robotic devices, cobots and similar machines.

Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to systems that display intelligent behaviour by analysing their environment and taking actions – with some degree of autonomy – to achieve specific goals (European Commission, 2018). Even when the research about AI-based systems has been started vigorously, there is little known about the effects of AI-based systems on leadership and management roles as well as employees' wellbeing and organisational performance. Therefore, there is a need to fill the research gap regarding how AI-based systems can be managed more effectively and how human-AI interaction can be integrated and supported. The objective of the study is to fill the research gap and find solutions to manage AI-based systems in organizations.

Applicants should fulfil the following requirements:

  • excellent command of English
  • high level competence in statistical analysis
  • critical thinking
  • high motivation to concentrate on and find solutions to scientific problems
  • Master's degree is recommended in business administration, health technology, health management or similar topics